Exploring the role of Energy in Organisations

In January 2020 Deloitte published a report refreshing the case for investment in employee wellbeing and mental health. Three years earlier their contribution had also formed part of the Stevenson-Farmer review commissioned by the UK Government. The key headlines found that despite numerous initiatives during that period, the cost to employers of poor mental health had in fact increased by 16%, now costing £45 billonª.

We already knew at the start of 2020 that there is an inextricable link between boosting employee wellbeing and business performance which is now only further compounded by the onset of Covid- 19.

How then can employers tackle this growing crisis and reclaim the significant cost & productivity losses to their businesses and the wider economy?

To help us answer this question, we spoke to our partners at The GC Index®, who specialise in helping individuals and businesses create potent workforces. We asked Chief Psychologist, “Dr GC” John Mervyn-Smith, on his thoughts of using energy as a common currency, to measure the potential impact of both the employees and the organisation itself.

“Yes, here at The GC Index® we have a fundamental belief that people go to work to be ‘potent’ they do not go to work to be ‘impotent’. We take a view that if people do something at work that they are good at and are making a positive impact that is valued, they will be energised in a way that realises their true potential.”

Here at Confluent Energy, we believe that for an individual to best make an impact, they must understand how to increase their energy levels and also what can lead to a drop in energy levels. We talk about four elements, sustaining energy, building it up, harnessing it effectively, and finally directing their energies in order to make an impact.

This approach holds true for an organisation as well. Businesses must similarly sustain, build, harness and direct their organisational energy to drive productivity and performance. A key component of this approach is alignment, ensuring the various energies in the organisation can meet and flow together in confluence.

We believe the step change will come from businesses adopting a fully integrated approach for both its employees and the organisation itself.

This is where The GC Index® can help.

“The GC Index® is an Organimetric (organisation-metric) that provides a common language and framework for how people make an impact to a role, team and organisation. This allows organisations to align the natural energies of all of their people to the demands of their work and organisational objectives. The GC Index® facilitates a symbiotic relationship between individual and collective energy that drives productivity, happiness and commercial results that have historically been difficult to simultaneously achieve.” said Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher at The GC Index®.

By incorporating The GC Index® into our solutions, Confluent Energy is able to help organisations realise the maximum potential impact of their employees, in terms of both wellbeing and individual productivity, but crucially, also organisational productivity and performance.

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ª refreshing-the-case-for-investment.html

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