The journey so far...

Hi everyone, and thank you so much for visiting our website and for being interested in our story, which is a very personal one for me. My name is Shantonu, but lots of people know me as Shantz, a nickname I have had since I was a 5 year old growing up in Nigeria!


In 2012, a few months before my 32nd birthday, I was asked by my boss at the time to go to Ghana in West Africa to take charge of, and turnaround, a troubled billion dollar project. While I managed to do so with my brilliant team of superstars, it was not without consequences for me personally.


I had a burnout related breakdown at work in January 2013 when I returned to London which landed me in hospital. I then underwent an eighteen month period of recovery that included further residential clinics, intense therapy, varied drug regimes and significant periods away from work.

During this period I realised my life needed a radical change, so in 2014, I developed my own model of wellbeing, proactive in nature so I could stay one step ahead, evidence based as a result of what I had learned, plus highly personalisable with a dual focus on self awareness and self care, two elements I discovered to be critical and hugely interconnected. More about them at the bottom of this page!

cbteach was born!










I created cbteach to tackle three fundamental problems I experienced first hand, firstly the lack of a simple language and framework, without which I could not make sense of what was happening to me and importantly why it was happening. Secondly, how to effectively recreate the 24/7 immersive recovery environment of a residential clinic without being in one! Lastly, linking self awareness and self care into a unified approach, which still today is not common despite the very obvious benefits!

In late 2014, I resumed my career and returned to Ghana, much to the consternation of those around me, but needing to prove to myself that I hadn't lost a step as a result of the breakdown. I needn't have worried! 


4 years after my hospitalisation, I was promoted at work and appointed to lead the Central & West Africa region, a business generating over half a billion dollars in revenue each year! Nobody was more surprised than me at how things turned out, but deep down I was proud of my recovery, and filled with hope that recovery is possible for everyone out there!

I am immensely grateful to all the health professionals both during and immediately after my breakdown, but the long term credit for my ongoing mental fitness goes to cbteach, an approach that was always supported by my doctors.


Today my mission, my purpose is to help others recover from poor mental health but also prevent it in the first place by actively promoting positive wellbeing practices. I want to share cbteach and what I learnt with everyone.

I love hearing from people, listening to your stories, celebrating your victories, so please drop me an email even if just to say hi!

I am always happy to come and share my story with organisations, it is one of recovery, hope and positivity but also practicality. If this is of interest, please drop me an email with what you are looking for and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. A few kind words below from those who have heard it.

"Thank you so much for coming so that we could learn from your experiences and the importance of looking after our overall wellbeing. Your introduction to CBTEACH whilst simple to understand is such a powerful tool to serve as a great reminder!" - Senior HR Business Partner