In 2012, aged just 31, our founder Shantonu was asked to go to West Africa to take charge of, and turnaround, a troubled billion dollar deepwater offshore oil project. While he succeeded in doing so, it was not without consequences.

A burnout related breakdown at work in January 2013 led to him being hospitalised. What followed was an eighteen month period of recovery that included further residential clinics, intense therapy, varied drug regimes and significant periods away from work.

Realising that he needed to radically change his life, in 2014, Shantonu developed his own model of wellbeing, proactive in nature, evidence based, highly personalisable with a dual focus on self awareness and self care.

CBTEACH® was born!

In late 2014, Shantonu resumed his corporate career and returned to West Africa. 

4 years to the month after he suffered his breakdown, Shantonu was appointed to lead the Central & West Africa region, a business generating over half a billion dollars in revenue each year for his company.

Shantonu has always recognised the role of the health professionals in his immediate post breakdown care, but credits his long term recovery and ongoing mental fitness to CBTEACH®.

He now wants to share CBTEACH® and what he learnt with those who want to proactively improve their wellbeing.

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CBTEACH by Confluent Energy

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