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Free Template for Download
(personal use only)

We created a simple daily wellbeing journal using our CBTEACH™ model for those of us who still love writing things down! It folds down into a handy pocket size for carrying around.

The links below are to the journal and the accompanying journal guidance notes.

We hope you find it useful, if you love it let us know! We are always interested in areas for improvement so get in touch with any ideas.

Finally, if you're interested to learn more about CBTEACH™ and how it can help you or your organisation, have a browse of our site, drop us an email and we'll set up a no obligation call!



Free Download
(Personal use only)

We have also created a weekly wellbeing tracker based on our daily journal, powered by our CBTEACH framework. We hope you find it useful.

Write down something you did for yourself, a creative task you complete and a habit you achieved today. Also record scores for people engaged with, meals eaten, time spent active and time sleeping.

See how you get on through the week!

Remember the daily journal is always there for a bit more detail too.


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