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"Thank you so much for sharing today. Poignant and powerful messages. We all need to be kind to ourselves and each other.  We talked about it afterwards in our team meeting too. Thank you and take care."

Senior Advisor

"On such an important day...you stood and spoke up. We listened. Your message was so powerful you could hear a pin drop. Thank you so much for coming to share your story with us so that we could learn from your experiences and the importance of looking after our overall wellbeing. Your creation and our introduction to CBTEACH whilst simple to understand is such a powerful tool to serve as a great reminder! Keep up the great work you are doing...keep sharing your story and shining your light!"

Senior HR Business Partner

"It was a privilege to hear your story today...thanks for sharing.  It was brave of you to be so open.  I believe that with you sharing your own story and journey it will enable others to feel they can share when they are struggling.  You also helped people understand there is support through work and EAP that people don’t always tap into.  You really helped smash the stigma."

Head of HR


CBTEACH by Confluent Energy

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